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  • Rushabh Doshi

    Rushabh Doshi

    CPO at Digit.co. PM, Engineer, Advisor, Investor, Dad. Ex-Facebook, YouTube.

  • Coach Tony

    Coach Tony

    Founded @coachdotme, @bttrHumans, @bttrMarketing. Helped @medium @calm. Subscribe to my newsletter, Better Humans Daily: https://coachtony.medium.com/subscribe

  • Timothy Baynes

    Timothy Baynes

    Founder and CEO, Compat.io

  • Vipin Cheriyanveetil

    Vipin Cheriyanveetil

    Full Stack Developer: Python, React, Node.js, Neo4j (vipinc.007@gmail.com) http://www.vipincheriyanveetil.com

  • Dan Abramov

    Dan Abramov

    Working on @reactjs. Co-author of Redux and Create React App. Building tools for humans.

  • Gannon Hall

    Gannon Hall

    Product Strategy & Operations; ex-Google, ex-Shopify

  • rajaraodv


    Trying to make Web development simple. Former Developer Advocate @Salesforce, VMware (node.js); Engineer @ Yahoo, Zimbra. Twitter: @rajaraodv

  • Ovidiu Bute

    Ovidiu Bute

    Software Engineering Manager @Hootsuite. Passionate about building large scale web apps. Opinions are my own. https://ovidiu.dev

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